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RuneScape 2007 Servers Opened
RuneScape 2007 Servers OpenedOn 22 February 2013, players wishes came true, and the RuneScape 2007 servers were opened to all players who had voted in the poll. Upon login, players would appear on Tutorial Island — a beloved part of RuneScape which had long since been removed — with all stats reset ...
Publish Time:09/16/2013
Some personal idea about old school runescape
Some personal idea about old school runescapeIm not voting because I dont plan to ever play on the 2007 servers. If everyone were to vote, even if they didnt have any intention of playing RS 07, the poll statistics would be skewed. Jagex would obtain a false impression of the number of interested pl...
Publish Time:09/16/2013
Old School RuneScape Voting
Old School RuneScape VotingEven after all the changes, bug fixes, content additions and new features that have made modern RuneScape the game it is, players were still longing for the "old days." Whether it be for pure nostalgia reasons, or just a return to a simpler time — a RuneScapier t...
Publish Time:09/16/2013
Players' Gallery 43: The World Wakes - Open for Entries
Players Gallery 43: The World Wakes - Open for EntriesThe world wakes and powerful secrets are being discovered. Choices are being made that could change Gielinor forever. The world craves heroes; needs fearless adventurers and brave hearts, but it also longs for its bards and artists...now more tha...
Publish Time:09/16/2013
The World Wakes
The World Wakes (members only) Orlando Smiths made a big discovery just west of the Legends Guild: ruins dating from the First Age, which he believes once belonged to Guthix himself. Its the sort of find that makes careers, but breaks the hasty and the unprepared, so he needs your help to safely unc...
Publish Time:09/16/2013
Bot-Busting and Bonuses For All
Last week, Daniel Clough shared more news with the community about our ongoing war to eliminate botting and gold farming from the game. Today, I am really happy to say we are in the long-awaited position of being able to announce that we’ll be launching our most formidable bot-busting weapon in our ...
Publish Time:09/16/2013

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