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Players' Gallery 43: The World Wakes - Open for Entries

Players' Gallery 43: The World Wakes - Open for Entries

The world wakes and powerful secrets are being discovered. Choices are being made that could change Gielinor forever. The world craves heroes; needs fearless adventurers and brave hearts, but it also longs for its bards and artists...now more than ever.

The story will take on new life with each new vision, as RuneScape's artists pour their hearts into their masterpieces. They will vie for fame among the people of Gielinor, but there will be only one that will stand out among them.

Will it be you?

Deadline: 1st April 2013
Deadline: 1st April 2013
It has to be RuneScape related artwork
It’s got to be your own work – no knock-offs, please!
Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720 px
Maximum size: 2 MB
Accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
Email your entry to gallery@jagex.com with your display name and title of your artwork
RuneScape concept art print – signed by our artists.
Feedback from one of our Runescape concept artists. 50 spins
2 runners-up: 25 spins
Fan Art Friends Chat

A few weeks ago LegendArts and Nimrohd came up with a fantastic idea of creating a dedicated fan art friends chat where all the RuneScape art enthusiasts can meet and discuss art-related topics and exchange ideas for future artwork. A big thank you goes to LegendArts for designing an epic banner for our new fan art friends chat!

Don’t forget to let us know about the creative process, your ideas and suggestions on our forums and by tweeting to us with the hashtag #RSart! This time we are curious about who would you like to meet or talk to in the new Fan Art friends chat.

We also have deviantART group that you should definitely check out, so why not join us there too?

Publish Time:Monday, September 16, 2013

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